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How to Make a Marriage Work?

Being in a relationship is fun and rainbows until you start being really dedicated to someone — dedicated enough to start your life‘s newest chapter together with them; fulfilling all the promises you made to them while you were enjoying the honeymoon period of the relationship.

A good deal of relationships, however, don’t move past the one phase which requires the most efforts — marriage. Before you reach the age and point in life where you really have to repay and begin making the programs for marriage, relationships collapse. Ever wondered why?

1. As They Start Wondering If This Individual Is Worth Spending the Future With

A marriage is nothing like a relationship — you’ve got the entire future before you. You’ve got your goals and dreams to be worried about before settling for the right person. Once you are married, that too of your choice, it might never be easy to back out of this decision you made.

Couples start weighing in the likelihood of how love isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to marriage. There is compatibility, understanding, and dedication which altogether make the choice crystal clear. Couples give in when they feel the relationship is no longer play at the park and just how different they are.

2. The Waiting Gets Too Much


Every relationship requires compromise — in a desi society, age is a problem for a woman rather than for a boy. A guy isn’t stable financially, so a woman must wait around for her, and wait patiently is something that they normally desi woman cannot afford because of pressure in the household.

3. Each of the Troubles from the Dating Drifts them Aside

The fights increase — it’s difficult for two people to be on the exact same page, especially when they know they are to experience difficulties convincing their own families for marriage.

4. There Is More to a Relationship Than Just Love

While the connection was all about spending some time with one another, giving each other gifts and other adorable things, the choice of marriage and the play revolved around it makes things difficult. Love isn’t enough, you start realizing this when the disagreements grow and you’re made aware of how love is insufficient. You are no longer the romantic couple you had been once.

5. You’re Not Able to Handle the Stress

It may be any pressure — pressure from family, pressure the love of your life’s family, the pressure of convincing the parents and much more.

All these are the few reasons why couples, who may be experienced a fairytale relationship, breakup through the very crucial and hard times of their lives.

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